Misfit Link SDK


The Misfit Link SDK enables your users to control the connected world with the press of a button. By inegrating the Link SDK with your application, you will have access to the button command feature of Misfit Flash.

The Link SDK can be quickly added to existing iOS applications and opens the door for use cases such as:

  • controlling connected lightbulbs
  • calling a taxi
  • ordering food
  • tagging the a song that is currently playing

all while your phone is in your pocket.

To get started with the Link SDK, download it here:


Then, check out the documentation to get an idea of how to use the Link SDK and head over to the example code to see how it works in the context of an application.



EXAMPLE CODE on github.com

Have an idea for an application that the Link SDK does not currently support? Drop us an email at build@misfit.com, we love helping developers bring their awesome ideas to life!

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