The Misfit Sleep SDK tracks users’ sleep sessions and can notify your application when they fall asleep as well as when they should be woken up.

The Sleep SDK can be quickly added to existing applications and opens the door for use cases such as:

  • turning off music when you fall asleep
  • turning off your TV when you fall asleep
  • a music alarm that works with your favorite music service
  • wakeup to the smell of coffee – start coffee maker before wakeup
  • trigger a connected lightbulb to simulate a sunrise to wake you up

To get started with the Sleep SDK, you can download it here:

Download SDK

Then, check out the documentation to get an idea of how to use the Sleep SDK and head over to the tutorial page to see how it works in the context of an application.


EXAMPLE CODE on github.com

Have an idea for an application that the Sleep SDK does not currently support? Drop us an email at build@misfit.com, we love helping developers bring their awesome ideas to life!

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